Old village

Václav Frolík, 2014

12 000 Kč

40 x 32 cm

Medium: Acrylic
Material: Paper
Subject: Landscape
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Václav Frolík


Academic painter, Illustrator


The leading painter Václav Frolík graduated from the Conservatoire of the People (1972) and private studies at ac. The painter L. Jelínek and the consultations with prof. K. Součka and J. Smetana.
Co-founder of Atelier 1974 and Gates. His work was initially influenced by the landscape of South Bohemia and the Bohemian Central Mountains. Later, he focused on capturing the everyday life of man. In the following period he focused on figural compositions and his work inspired jazz. He has created a number of illustrations for Playboy, Transitions, Penthouse.

Additional info

He has exhibited his work in many places of the republic and abroad Germany, Austria and td. Phillips Son and Neale London, The Art Movement London, Parnas Brno, Sikmund Freud's 150th Birthday, Salon Prague Industrial Palace etc. Illustration - edition Czech Jazz Society, Union of Performers and Performers, Eleven Jazz Eights and Td
In his work the painter focused on figural compositions and his work inspired jazz.

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