Sale Conditions for Authors

Dear painters

If you are interested in selling your paintings through our store, please do the following:

  1. Send us your interest to

  2. As a next step, send us your work resume and photos of the paintings you are interested in selling.

  3. After assessing the images and CV, we will give you approval to sell. We will then send you a contract where the terms of cooperation will be clearly defined.

Other important information:

  • The painter acts as the Seller, and our online store acts as the Sales Organizer. All artworks remain the property of their authors from publication until sold or resold.

  • The selling price is the amount paid by the customer, and the difference between the author's and the selling price represents the commission for the Organizer.

  • The seller can choose the method of determining the selling price either as a 20% increase in the author's price, or as determined by the Organizer based on experience, but at least in the amount of the author's price.

  • The organizer is obliged to publish the works of art on its website within 10 working days after receiving the necessary information from the Seller.

  • If the work is not sold within six months, the Seller is invited to adjust the conditions of sale or to cancel the sale.

  • In the case of a sale with a reward to the Organizer of 20% of the sale price, the reward is sent to the Seller after 14 days from the date of the sale.

  • The seller is obliged to provide true information about himself and the work of art, inform about any changes and allow potential buyers to inspect the work.

  • The seller is also obliged to keep the sold work and hand it over to the Organizer upon receipt of the order, and subsequently to ensure take-back in case of cancellation of the sale within the claim period.

  • The organizer will ensure that the image is sent using a courier service from the Seller's place of residence. The seller is responsible for properly packaging the image and handing it over to the courier service to ensure safe transportation.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to possible cooperation.