Martin Němec


Academic painter, musician and artist


Martin Nemec. Musician and artist. Born 16. 6. 1957 in Prague, where he graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts with prof. Jan Smetana. Bandleader and exclusive author of the rock group Precedens (Ice Age, the Tower of Sand, Pompeii, Hold music! Aurora, etc.), and a group of Lili Marlene (Tango Desolato, Crows and Ravens). With singer Bara Basikova and other artists made dozens of albums (Angel voices, Dreams of Sphinx, Responsio Mortifera etc.). With Jan Sahara Hedl (Secret Saint, Mad Monday). He created music for many films (Coal Tower, Death of Pedophile, Kidnapped Home, T.M.A., etc.), theater plays directed by Ctibor Turba (Ark of Fools, Giro di Vita etc.) and TV serials (Last Season, The Agency of Puzzle etc.).

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He created TV jingles (Eye, Gen, Genus etc.). Martin Nemec won many significant music awards (Discovery of the Year, Album of Decades, “Bratislava´s” Lyra 1990). He published two critically acclaimed books of short stories (The Barn and Bath with View). According to its script, which was awarded by The Foundation Milos Havel, film director Juraj Herz made movie T.M.A. (two major awards at the film festival in Cape Town) and Milan Steindler made movie Coal Tower. He created music for a ballet based on the play of Frantisek Langer Peripherals for theater called F.X. Salda in Liberec, directed by Alena Peskové with nominations for two awards Thalia. He has published an electronic version of his short essays called The women (and men). Nemec´s surreal paintings are represented in many collections in Czech Republic and abroad. Right now is preparing to return greatly rejuvenated band Precedens with new singer on stage. Currently, the author deals with a lot of writing


Martin Němec
115 x 115 cm
Acrylic, Oil painting, Canvas
90 000 Kč